Why True Value

True Value

We believe that the experience of buying a pre-owned car shouldn't be any different from that of a new car. That is why we have a wide-ranging selection of used cars for sale, along with services like insurance, finance and accessories, to ensure that you get all the car-buying services under one roof. Maruti Suzuki True Value is where quality pre-owned cars in India are.

Here is what you can come to expect as a True Value customer:

Digital evaluation of pre-owned cars on 376 checkpoints that you can rely on.

Providing fair, transparent prices on pre-owned cars from multiple brands

Transparency in our services to make it convenient for both the buyers and sellers.

True Value Advantages

At Seva Maruti Suzuki True Value, the goal is to establish the customer's trust in the brand, by giving them the best ever used car buying experience. Customer handling across all the outlets of the Seva is carried out quite carefully and diligently. Unlike any other pre-owned car outlet, making sense of all the technicalities or finding the car that is a perfect fit for your needs, all by yourself, is not something you will have to worry about here. To save you from any such hassles, the brand maintains dedicated experts across all its outlets. These professionals can help you with everything from car selection to paperwork, thus making the entire process seamless and quick. At Seva Maruti Suzuki True Value, every little concern of the customer, be it about the age of the Used Car or its fuel type, is given equal attention.